Toramaru Utsunomiya

Dub Name:

Austin Hooks






Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Utsunomiya, Mr. Utsunomiya

Jersey No.:

IJ FW-11

Toramaru Utsunomiya (宇都宮 虎丸) (Austin Hooks) (Forward)


Toramaru was a 6th grader who wasn't allowed to join Football Frontier. Later next year, he was invite to the Football Frontier Internationals then joined Inazuma Japan. The attacks RC Shoot resembles that he is the youngest of the team.

Special AttacksEdit


  • Tiger Drive - Toramaru will release his tiger then kick the ball with the tiger following it.
  • Gladius Arch - Toramaru will kick the ball then swords form then follows the ball.
  • RC Shoot - Toramaru will kick the ball then the ball will divide into four then it will serve as tiers then it will have a remote control top then it will be controlled the direction by Toramaru.


  • Tiger Storm - Toramaru will release a tiger then kick the ball then Shuuya will follow it jumping then he will release his fire human then kick the ball.
  • Grand Fire - Gran, Toramaru and Shuuya will kick the ball at the same time then a huge burst of fire going to the goal.

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