This is the Inazuma Drop!

Episode No.:


Next Episode:

Confrontation at the River Bank!

Previous Episode:

Where's the Secret Technique Note!


Football Frontier Arc

Japanese Airdate:

November 9, 2008

Opening Theme:

Tachiagari Yo

Ending Theme:

Seishun Oden

This is the Inazuma Drop! (これがイナズマ落としだ!, Kore ga Inazuma Otoshida!) is episode 6 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Since Shuuya and Heigorou jumps high, they need to use the Inazuma Drop to defeat the Nosei Junior High. But Heigorou has a strong Acrophobia (fear of heights) so they can't use Inazuma Drop. That's why Heigorou is always crash landing because he is not looking down. Heigorou saw Shuuya training to jump at Heigoro's stomach and Mamoru came to support Shuuya. After a day, the day of their match, they met the Nosei Junior High soccer team playing with the car then after moments, they started the match. The Raimon team has loses stamina but the Nosei is not. Heigorou can't do the Inazuma Drop but the whole team is doing everything to do their best to win. Then Heigorou opened his eyes then with Shuuya, they jumped. Then Heigorou finally do the Inazuma Drop then they win one point then they won the game.


New Characters Appeared

New Killer Techniques Appeared

Quote of the Episode

  • There's no such thing as pointless effort! Your hard work will surely bring results!

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