(Geek Guys in Dub)

Shiuuyou Meito Academy is a team that they have interest in mangas, animae, cosplay and they are called Otaku.


Nubero Raito


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Defender
  • Jersey No. - SMA DF-3
  • Team(s) - Shiuuyou Meito Academy


Nubero is the team captain of Shiuuyou Meito Academy.

Manga Moe


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Forward
  • Jersey No. - SMH FW-10
  • Team(s) - Shiuuyou Meito Academy


Manga is the ace striker of Shiuuyou Meito Academy.

Special Attacks

  • Guts Ball - A player get the legs of Manga then he will pitch like a baseball player with no hurt.
  • Left in the Dust - In front of the goal, Manga and two defenders will appear then they will move their feet many times so dust can cover the goal. After the opponent kick to the goal, the dust is gone and the ball is at the back of the goal.

Other Special Attacks


  • Transform: Fake Ball - When the opponent had the ball, the unnamed character will run in front of the opponent then steal the ball. The opponent's ball will become watermelon as the coach throwing watermelons.
  • Moving Goal - Their goalkeeper will use his stomach to move the goal so that their opponent will not have a score.