Seishun Oden

English Title:

Oden of Youth!

Song By:





First Ending

thumb|300px|right|Seishun Oden



Suki ni natta kimochi dare ni mo

Kono tokimeku doushitara tsutaerareru

Oden BOY! oden GIRL!

Retro-modern na tabemono ninkimono

Sukinanada mono

Hanpen tabeteru no ni daikon no yuuwaku

Aonori spankle kokoro midareru watashi

Main dish wa oden betsubara de mou ippon

Itsumo chikaku ni ita no ni kizukanakattayo

Gyuusuji hitosuji kamishimete

Tsuyu no kaori ni tsutsumarete

Sikidatte koto wakatteshimattakara

Seishun oden


No one can hide their feelings of love

What should I do to convey this heart throb?

Oden boy! Oden girl!

Retro-modern foods are a great hit

I love them

Although I am eating fish cache, I am seduced by radish

The spangle of great seaweed turns my heart chaotic

The man dish is oden, one more serving until I'm really full

I was always so close, yet I didn't notice it

Chewing on one slice of beef

Surround by the scent of the soup

I finally understand that I love it

Oden of youth!

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