Seigou "Coach" Hibiki

Dub Name:

Seymour Herman




Goal Keeper (Former), Soccer Coach


Inazuma Eleven, Raimon Junior High (Soccer Coach)


Mrs. Hibiki, Mr. Hibiki

Jersey No.:

IE GK-1 (Former)

Seigou "Coach" Hibiki (響木 正剛) (Seymour Herman) (Goal Keeper, Soccer Coach)


Seigou Hibiki is also known as Coach Hibiki. He used to be the Goal Keeper of the Inazuma Eleven. He worked on a Noodle Shop that Mamoru first saw him. Mamoru forced Hibiki that he will become the Coach of the Raimon Junior High but first, Mark should catch the ball that Coach Hibiki kicks. After Mark catches all balls that Coach Hibiki shot, Coach Hibiki become the coach of the soccer in Raimon Junior High.

Special Attacks


  • God Hand - Coach Hibiki releases a lightning that makes a big floating hand to protect the goal.


  • Inazuma Break - Yuuto kicks the ball around then again, Yuuto kicks the ball with Coach Hibiki and Shuuya. Sometimes Mamuro, Yuuto and Shuuya will kick the ball.

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