Ryuuji "Reize" Midorikawa

Dub Name:

Jordan Greenway






Aliea Academy (Gemini Storm), Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Midorikawa Mr. Midorikawa

Jersey No.:

GS FW-10, IJ MF-?

Ryuuji "Reize" Midorikawa (緑川リュウジ) (Jordan Greenway) (Midfielder)


Reize is the captain of Gemini Storm, the second rank team of Aliea Academy. He pretended to be an alien, and often used sayings beginning with: "Earth has this saying, '....'" His team lost to Raimon Eleven. Later, it is revealed that he improves and is better than those in the first rank team, Epsilon. After joining Inazuma Japan with Gran, it is also shown that he constantly over strains himself as he wants to get stronger. Later on in the FFI Arc, he leaves the team with Shirou.

Special Attacks


  • Astro Break - Reize will make the ball spin then when the ball is spinning, it sucks force of the wind then kick the ball in full force. The attack destroys any concrete.
  • Lightning Accel - Reize will run then a flash that the opponent can see then Reize will pass through him.
  • Warp Dive -
  • Astro Gate -


  • Universal Blast - Reize and a forward character will kick the ball at the same time then sent the ball into the midair then release a space background then they will jump then kick the ball again.

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