Ryuugo Someoka

Dub Name:

Kevin Dragonfly






Raimon Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Dark Emperors, Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Someoka, Mr. Someoka

Jersey No.:

RJH FW-11, IC FW-11, DE FW-11, IJ FW-17

Voice Actor/ Actress:

Yasuyuki Kase

Ryuugo Someoka (染岡 竜吾) (Kevin Dragonfly) (Forward)


Self-proclaimed ace striker of the team, he had troubles with Shuuya for that position. Later, he accepts Shuuya to be his teammate. He initially had trouble accepting Shirou as he strongly felt that Shuuya shouldn't be replaced and the ace-striker seat was rightfully Shuuya's. However, he later overcame it, with Mamoru's help, with the belief that they were strengthening the team so that when Shuuya came back, the team would be good enough for him. Later, he has a broken leg because of the fight of True Teikoku Academy that Jirou uses Emperor Penguin No.1. Later, he was controlled by Aliea Meteorite then joined Dark Emperors but lost to Inazuma Caravan. After three months, he was invited to the Football Frontier Internationals but failed along with Jirou replaced Shirou and Ryuuji.

Killer Techniques



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