Reiji Kageyama

Dub Name:

Ray Dark




Soccer Coach


Teikoku Academy (Soccer Coach), Zeus Junior High (Soccer Coach), Shin Teikoku Academy (Soccer Coach)


Mrs. Kageyama, Tougo Kageyama (Father)

Reiji Kageyama (影山 零治) (Ray Dark) (Soccer Coach)


Reiji was always want to destroy who knows Daisuke Endou. Because of Daisuke, everyone hates his father. He is the cause of the accident of Inazuma Eleven last 40 years. He owns Yuuto serving as his creation. He was the coach of Teikoku Academy till he makes a trap the one of the Raimon's will die. He was arrested the escaped then become the coach of Zeus. He is arrested again because creating of God's Aqua. He escaped again then created Shin Teikoku Academy. Later after three months, Reiji was the replacement of the coach of the national team of Italy, Orpheus. In that time, his hair is color yellow. He makes Orpheus replace as the Team K but the Team K lost. He became good because of Fidio's personality. Later, he died on a car crash because of galshield/gullschild's order.