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Prominence is one of Aliea Academy's master rank teams. The team is composed of fire attacks.


Atsuishi "Heat" Shigeto


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Defender
  • Jersey No. PMN DF-6, TC DF-6, NJ DF-?
  • Team(s) - Prominence, The Chaos, Neo Japan

Natsuhiko "Nepper" Netsuha


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Midfielder
  • Jersey No. - PMN MF-11, TC MF-11
  • Team(s) - Prominence, The Chaos


Nepper can walk through the Heaven's Time of Afuro Terumi.

Other Special Attacks


  • Ignite Steal - One of them will release an ice track then he will slide to steal the ball.
  • Burn Out - Their goalkeeper will release fire in his hands then steal the ball.

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