Michiya "Coach" Kudou

Dub Name:





Soccer Coach


Inazuma Japan (Soccer Coach)


Mrs. Kudou, Mr. Kudou, Fuyuka Kudou (Daughter)

Michiya "Coach" Kudou (久遠道也) (Soccer Coach)


Michiya "Coach" Kudou is the Inazuma Japan coach. He is the father of Fuyuka Ono. He tells Mamoru that he fails as a captain for not understanding what he said. He also made him sit on the bench even though he's the captain and the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper was replaced as Yuuki Tachimukai. Mamoru still encourages everyone and gives them thumbs - up, but inside he was kind of sad person. Later, Aki and Kakeru finids out that Coach Kudou was the coach of disaster and he had a curse. Then everyone was kind of surprised. But after Mamoru insisting, they accepts him as the coach,and Mamoru understands Coach Kudou, and Coach Kudou told him about Fuyuka and Mamoru understands him fully and clearly

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