Megane Takes a Stand!

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Next Episode:

Teikoku's Spy!

Previous Episode:

The Fearful Soccer Cyborgs!


Football Frontier Arc

Japanese Airdate:

November 30, 2008

Opening Theme:

Tachiagari Yo

Ending Theme:

Seishun Oden

Megane Takes a Stand! (目金、立つ!, Megane, tatsu!) is episode 9 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Shuuya didn't participate in the semi-finals because he had an injury in the last match. Their next opponent Shiuuyou Meito Academy is a team is the weakest of all the participants it the Football Frontier. But they won against Occult Junior High in the quarter finals. Kakeru planned to see what training dose the Shiuuyou Meito, they go to a Maid's Cafe because the Shiuuyou Meito is always in there before the day of the match. In the noon, the Raimon think what strategy they will do but they think how Shiuuyou Meito Academy plays. The day of the match, the mamagers of Shiuuyou Meito force them to wear a maid's uniform because the coach of Shiuuyou Meito said. They match is started but the Shiuuyou Meito is keep on passing the ball till the first half ends. The second half started but the Shiuuyou Meito is charging then they got a goal. After Shiuuyou Meito scored, they keep tricking things but Kakeru stopped them because he know all their work. Kakeru's good saying make the Shiuuyou Meito stopped fron doing their killer techniques. Kakeru passed the ball to Ryuugo and said to goal it straight. Ryuugo uses Dragon Crash then the goalkeeper of Shiuuyou Meito moved the goal by using his Moving Goal then Kakeru headbutts it then the Raimon scored 1. Then Kakeru got injured but the eyes of the Shiuuyou Meito has opened. So the game play fairly then the Raimon won the match by scoring 1 again.


New Characters AppearedEdit

New Killer Techniques AppearedEdit

Quote of the EpisodeEdit

  • When someone really wants to do something, they're the most dependable for the job.

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