Mamoru Endou

Dub Name:

Mark Evans




Goalkeeper, Libero


Raimon Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Teikoku Academy (temporary) Inazuma Japan, Orpheus (temporary)


Mrs. Endou, Mr. Endou, Daisuke Endou (Grandfather)

Jersey No.:

RJH GK-1, IC GK-1, IC LB-15, IJ GK-1, IJ LB-15

Voice Actor/ Actress:

Junko Takeuchi

Mamoru Endou (守遠藤) (Mark Evans) (Goalkeeper, Libero)


Often seen wearing his trademark headband, Mamoru Endou is as a soccer loving, cheerful goalkeeper and captain of the Raimon Junior High Soccer club, the "Raimon Eleven". He never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. Since he was young, he's held great admiration toward his grandfather, Daisuke Endou, and studies the technique-filled notebooks that his grandfather wrote years ago. Because of his positive personality, he manages to bring out the best in other Soccer players, whether they're an ally or foe. His teammates benefit from his mental strength and encouragement and respect him despite his carefree attitude. Mamoru constantly trains himself in order to face new opponents and increases his stamina by catching a gigantic car tire tied to a tree. Many girls like Aki and Natsumi show some romantic interest with him but he is too naive to understand their feelings. He helps Little Gigant, as Garshield returns with a new team.

Killer Techniques