Kira Hitomiko

Dub Name:

Aqualina "Lina" Chiller




Soccer Coach


Inazuma Caravan (Soccer Coach), Neo Japan (Soccer Coach)


Mrs. Hitomiko, Mr. Hitomiko, Hiroto "Gran" Kiyama

Kira Hitomiko (吉良 瞳子) (Aqualina "Lina" Blitz) (Soccer Coach)


Kira is the second coach of the Raimon Junior High. She is been taken as a coach because she is smart as Yuuto. Later, the team knew that Kira and Hiroto are siblings. When all the people in Aliea Academy is arrested, Kira join for Hiroto. Later after three months, Osamu needs help from Kira that Osamu wants to be more stronger. She gather up more players to replace the Inazuma Japan. They created Neo Japan. The team she led had copied Triangle Z, Illusion Ball, Killer Slide, Dash Storm, Reflect Buster, God Knows, Gungnir and many more. But they lost against Inazuma Japan.

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