Kakeru Megane

Dub Name:

William "Willy" Glasses




Forward, Manager


Raimon Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Inazuma Caravan


Mrs. Megane, Mr. Megane, Kazuto Megane (Brother)

Jersey No.:

RJH FW-12, IC FW-12

Kakeru Megane (目金 欠流) (William "Willy" Glass) (Forward, Manager)


When Mamoru started to recruit members for his team Kakeru promised to join if Mamoru will recruit him at the end. He also said that he will join if Mamoru will make him the striker of Raimon Junior High. He is not a good player; he only helps when the team is low on members. He usually gives the name of techniques of other players. He gets crying when someone steals his line. He is getting mad when the other are naming their own special techniques.

Special Attacks


  • Glasses Crashed- Ryuugo will use angle with Kakeru. Ryuugo uses Dragon Crash then Kakeru headbutts the ball to the goal.

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