Kageto "Shadow" Yamino

Dub Name:







Dark Emperors, Raimon Junior High, Inazuma Japan (failed)


Mrs. Yamino, Mr. Yamino

Jersey No.:

DE FW-3, RJH FW-21

Voice Actor/ Actress:

Kensuke Satou

Kageto "Shadow" Yamino (闇野 カゲト) (Forward)


Kageto is a transfered student during the invasion of the Aliea Academy. When Raimon left to recruit players with Inazuma Caravan, he was left behind. Because of this, he went training with Takeshi to perfect his killer technique, Dark Tornado. Later, Mamoru and the others returned to Inazuma Town and met Shadow. Shadow stayed behind when the Inazuma Caravan left because his killer technique is quite not ready. The Inazuma Caravan returned back the Raimon Junior High only to find out what happend to the other Raimon members, including Shadow, turned to the Aliea meteorite to gain more power but was saved. After 3 months, Shadow was chosen to be the candidate to be in Inazuma Japan but failed.

Killer Techniques


  • Dark Tornado - It is like the Fire Tornado of Axel but the fire is color black.


  • In his name Yamino, the word yami in his name means dark.
  • In episode 68, he can sense dark auras from other people like Ryuuji "Reize" Midorikawa

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