Jirou Sakuma

Dub Name:

David Sandford






Teikoku Academy, Shin Teikoku Academy, Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Sakuma, Mr. Sakuma

Jersey No.:

TA FW-11, STA FW-?, IJ FW-16

Voice Actor/ Actress:

Megumi Tano

Jirou Sakuma (佐久間次郎) (David Sandford) (Forward)


Jirou is one of the members of the original and the ace striker of the Teikoku Academy team and a close friend of Yuuto Kidou. After Yuuto leaves Teikoku Academy and joins Raimon's team, he and Koujirou become part of Shin Teikoku Academy with Akio as the new captain. Jirou is still angry at Yuuto for leaving Teikoku Academy and is willing to use the dangerous forbidden Emperor Penguin No. 1 shot to defeat Raimon's team, despite Yuuto's protests. After a heated battle which ends in a tie, Jirou collapses from overusing Emperor Penguin No. 1 and is taken to the hospital. However, before that, he apologizes to Yuuto for taking things too far and they make peace, promising to play soccer together again sometime. After getting out of the hospital, Jirou is invited to the FFI recruitment match and eventually goes to the islands with the rest of Raimon's team to represent Japan. He, Yuuto and Akio are shocked to find Reiji is there, and investigate what their old coach is up to.

Special Attacks


  • Emperor Penguin No. 1 - Jirou will call five red penguins then the penguins will attach to Jirou's leg then kick the ball then the penguins will follow the ball. It can only be used in twice but the third can kill you.
  • Steel Burst -
  • Sigma Cannon Remastered -


  • Death Zone -
  • Emperor Penguin No. 2 - Yuuto will kick the ball then call five black penguins by whistling then follow the ball then Jirou and Daiki will both kick the ball again then the penguins will still follow. Sometimes, Kazuya and Ryuugo or Kazuya and Shuuya will both kick the ball.
  • Twin Boost - Yuuto will kick the ball to Jirou and Jirou kick the ball back to Yuuto and Yuuto kick the ball to the goal.
  • Emperor Penguin No. 3 - Yuuto, Jirou and Akio will jump and Yuuto will whistle to call five purple penguins then the penguins will revolve around the three then the three will kick the ball then the penguins follow in a line.

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