Ichirouta Kazemaru

Dub Name:

Nathan Swif






Raimon Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Dark Emperors, Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Kazemaru, Mr. Kazemaru

Jersey No.:

RJH DF-2, IC DF-2, DE DF-10, IJ DF-2

Voice Actor/ Actress:

Yuka Nishigaki

Ichirouta Kazemaru (風丸 一郎太) (Nathan Swift) (Defender)


Originally a member of the Tracking Field club team, Ichirouta is convinced by Mamoru to become a member of the soccer team, because the team needed four more players for their match against Teikoku Academy; if Mamoru could not get them the soccer club would be closed. Ichirouta is finally convinced by the promise of fighting a lot of stronger players, altogether with Mamuro fighting spirit. Ichirouta quit Inazuma Caravan because the Genesis is much more faster thinking that they can't win again. He was controlled by Aliea Meteorite then become the captain of Dark Emperors but lost to the Inazuma Japan. In the latest episode he is put as captain, this is when Mamoru can't make it to the game when Mamoru, Yuuto, Jirou, and Akio were helping the Italian team with a problem caused by Reiji.

Killer Techniques




  • In the name Kazemaru, the Kaze is a Japanese word which means wind due to his speed and wind techniques.

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