God Hand
God Hand

Japanese Name:

God Hand





God Hand is a goalkeeper technique that appears in Inazuma Eleven series.


Mamoru Endou, Yuuki Tachimukai, Seigou "Coach" Hibiki and Daisuke Endou


The user gathers energy from it's right hand then release it. A big floating hand that attaches to the user's hand then the user trusts the hand to catch the ball.


God Hand Remastered

God Hand Remastered is the God Hand in second level. It's aura is shinning more than the first time.

True God Hand

  • User - Mamoru Endou
True God Hand is the God Hand showing it's true power. The aura is shining more than the rest and has more intense.

True God Hand

Other God Hand

Yuuki's God Hand

The God Hand of Yuuki is blue and same strength as Mamoru's God Hand.

Yuuki's God Hand

Seigou's God Hand

The God Hand of Seigou is more stronger that Mamoru's God Hand even without evolving.

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