Fuusuke "Gazelle" Suzuno

Dub Name:

Bryce Withingale






Aliea Academy (Diamond Dust, The Chaos), Fire Dragons


Mrs. Suzuno, Mr. Suzuno

Jersey No.:

DD FW-?, TC FW-?, FD FW-?

Fuusuke "Gazelle" Suzuno (涼野風介) (Bryce Withingale) (Forward)


Usually he's calm and arrogant, always confident about his own skills. Also Gazelle is smart and talented soccer player. He seems to be intrigued by Mamuro's play and challenges him to one match. However, match wasn't as easy as Gazelle imagined, it ended with drawn. He's shocked and almost can't speak after the match in the meeting with Gran and Burn.

Special Attack


  • Northern Impact - Gazelle will kick the ball with blizzards surround him.


  • Fire Blizzard - Burn and Gazelle will jump then release a red and blue spirals in their foot then they will kick the ball.
  • Chaos Break - Terumi will have six yellow angel wings then he will make the ball covered with feather and shine then Gazelle, Burn and Terumi will kick the ball then the ball is colorful and covered with feathers.
  • Blazing Hellfire -

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