Epsilon Prime is the Aliea Academy's first rank. The team become stronger then their eyes become red that makes the name of their team is Epsilon Prime Remastered. They exiled Gemini Storm after losing. They been exiled by Diamond Dust after losing against Inazuma Caravan. Unlike Gemini Storm, they don't destroy schools.


Ryuichiro "Zel" Sekata


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Forward, Goalkeeper
  • Jersey No. - EP FW-11, EP GK-1
  • Team(s) - Epsilon Prime

Special Attacks

  • Ganymede Proton - Zel will get the ball by not touching then in front of his hands he will release a laser to move the ball to the goal. Many fans were thought that the player is touch by hands but not.
  • Worm Hole - There will be a Black Hole appearing to get the ball then the ball will go out in the Worm Hole then stayed at the ground.
  • Reflect Buster V2 - It is like Demeter's Reflect Buster.
  • Gaia Breaker - Zel and two forwards will stomp at the ground then many rocks will appear to cover the ball then the three will kick the ball at the same time.

Other Special Attacks


  • Meteor Shower - Two of their players can use this. One of will jump with the ball then kick the ball to the opponent then a meteor shower appearing to hurt its opponent.