Dub Name:







Hell Army Z, Dark Angels



Jersey No.:

HAZ FW-11, DA FW-11

Deasta (デアスタ) (Forward)


He first appeared with his team in a cameo appearance in episode 107 when they prepare for the coming the of the "chosen one". Then later he appeared in the next episode after Sain , then Deasta saw Kidou running towards Haruna to save her but he kicked the ball attacking him and took Haruna saying "You are the chosen one by the demon". Later Kidou and Endou splits up in two groups, with his team try to rescue Rika in Heaven's Garden and Kidou's team try rescue Haruna in Demon's Gate. In episode 110, he went on a match with Kidou's team for the return of Haruna of they win. Deasta and his team eventually lost the match . In the episode 111, it is revealed that he and half of his team joined Messengers of the Sky to make Dark Angel because they were hypnotized by a stone but the spell wore off at the end of the episode, and Deasta and his original team flee and wait for another millennium.

Special AttacksEdit


  • Dark Matter - Deasta will jump then make the ball in inverted color then he will kick the ball while spinning.


  • Shadow Ray - Deasta and Sain will jump then Deasta will make the ball inverted color then pass it to Sain then he will kick it to the goal and a ray follows it.