Daisuke Endou

Dub Name:

David Evans




Goalkeeper, Soccer Coach


Inazuma Eleven (Soccer Coach)


Mrs. Evans, Mr. Evans, Mark Evans (Grandson)

Jersey No.:


Daisuke Endou (円堂 大介) (David Evans) (Goalkeeper, Soccer Coach)


Mamoru's grandfather who everyone thought was dead due to him trying to find out what happened 40 years ago. Reiji found out about this very soon and Daisuke got badly injured. He then told someone to spread the rumor that he was dead, but he had instead run away from Reiji in order to protect his family. He now is the coach of Cotarl's representatives, Little Giganto and was the original Inazuma Eleven's coach. He is admired by Mamoru Endou.

Special Attacks


  • God Hand - Daisuke releases a lightning that makes a big floating hand to protect the goal.
  • Majin the Hand - Daisuke will turn around then places his palm into the heart then a fire around him will appear then David turns around then releases a lightning then the Majin (Devil God) appears to stop the ball.
  • Fist of Justice (Incomplete) - Daisuke will step wide then he grips his foot then punches then a big fist flying to save the goal.
  • Mugen the Hand (Incomplete) - Daisuke will clap then shape his hands triangle then many long-limed hands will appear to get the ball.